Register Now for Spring Soccer

Have you registered for Spring Soccer yet?

Only 3 weeks left. Ages 6-14. Share this comparison chart with others in the surrounding area. Here are the options for playing soccer in Norwalk.

PR NSC Apex Comparison_scrPractices will begin mid-late March depending on the weather. Games will run April through first week of June.

View Fees and team formation information. Register Now!

If you have a Under 9 or Under 10 player, check out the new Academy option for higher skill development and professional coaching.


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Registration for Spring Season is Open!

Register now for the Spring Season!SoccerRegSigns_screenshot

Get your players registered now. Registration ends late January.

Practices will begin mid-March depending on the weather. Games will run April through May or first week of June.

View Fees and team formation information.

If you have a U9 or U10 player, check out the new Academy option for higher skill development and professional coaching.

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Check out Academy Soccer Option for U9/U10 Players

On Wednesday (10/28) at 5:30pm at McAninch Complex on Field 20, we are hosting a Academy demonstration training session for those interested in playing at a higher level and considering the U9/U10 Academy League through Apex Soccer Academy.

This is NOT a tryout. It is simply an opportunity for your player to participate in training session in an Academy environment and meet the coaches. Registration for Spring soccer will open in a couple of weeks and we want to educate parents and players on this option at U9/U10 age group.

The Norwalk Soccer Club, Carlisle Soccer Club and Indianola Soccer Tribe joined forces to create Apex Soccer Academy. This is a U9/U10 Academy program under the Iowa Soccer Academy Central Iowa league.

PLEASE RSVP Here:  There are also sessions scheduled in Carlisle and Indianola on other nights.

What is Academy?

Academy is one of two options offered at the U9 and U10 age groups. This age group is very important to the development of youth soccer players in Iowa and it is vital to create an appropriate developmental environment without making the environment too competitive or restrictive, resulting in players leaving the sport. This will allow players to play with and against players of similar ability and at a level where they will experience the most success and have the most fun playing the sport

There are no tryouts or selections at this level. All teams follow the Level 3 guidelines including 50% playing time in matches. However, the emphasis is placed on creating a playing environment that is more conducive to the individual’s development over the team’s development.

Is there another option?

Yes, Level 3 soccer will be offered by the clubs.

To help parents decide which is most appropriate, below are the characteristics of typical players who would participate in an Academy program. If your child displays a majority of them, they are probably more suited to that level of play. However, it should be noted that during a player’s soccer development, they may move back and forth between Academy and Level 3 play.

  • Demonstrates sound technical skills (ball control, dribbling, shooting)
  • Physically stronger, athletically quicker than most players within their age group
  • High level of coordination and good agility
  • During games is aggressive in their attitude and approach to getting involved and tends to dominate play
  • Demonstrates high level of focus and concentration during practices and games
  • Started to narrow down the number of extra-curricular activities
  • Soccer is a high priority
  • Practices with a ball on own time outside scheduled games and practices
  • U09 player who will try out for the U11 competitive age group in the following year

Learn more about Apex Soccer Academy on this page.
Apex Soccer Academy’s website should be live in early November.

More information can be found on Iowa Soccer’s website at

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Coerver Skills Sessions have finished for this season

Thanks to all the players and parents that took advantage of this additional opportunity to improve our soccer skills. Coerver Skills sessions have ended for the fall season. Each season I hear from several coaches that say they can tell which kids are attending the Coerver Skills Sessions without asking them. The focus on individual technique and small group activities that result in the players getting a lot of touches on the ball really help improve their skill level. Encourage your players to continue doing the ball mastery exercises, moves, turns and juggling at home. The more comfortable we are with the ball, the better soccer players we will become in the future.  Check with your team coaches on possible changes to practices or times due the early sunset.

-Mark Gavin
Director of Coaching

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Butter Braids Pickup Tonight – Mon. Oct 12.

Please pickup your butter braids tonight! Stop by 326 Turnberry Drive in Norwalk. Please remind teammates! Thanks again to everyone that participated in this fundraiser!

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No Practices at McAninch Complex Monday – moved to Billy O’Phillips Park in Legacy

Due to a cross country meet tomorrow (Monday), There is NO soccer practice at McAninch Sports complex. All Practices will be moved to Billy O’Phillips Park in the Legacy development. Check with your coaches, some teams are adjusting times due to the early sunset.

U8 Coerver on Monday will be 5:30-6:30pm at Billy O’Phillips Park.

U12 Coerver session will be 6:15-7:15pm due to early sunset!

Practices on Tuesday will be at McAninch complex.

U10 Coerver training on Tuesday will be 5:30-6:30pm.
U14/U19 Coerver training will be 6:15-7:15pm due to early sunset.

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Schedules for Fall Season

Go to this page to access the schedules for the Fall season.

Under 7 and Under 8 your schedules will be posted soon. Your coaches should have your schedules.

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Supporting from the Sidelines

Parents/Guardians, Families and Friends,

First of all, thanks for all the support and time and effort to take your kids and their teammates to practices and games. We appreciate your support of the club! Thanks for cheering your child on during the games.

However, it is important to understand the best way to help your child and his/her coach have a successful, educational experience in soccer.

The game of soccer is a great natural teacher.

Things you Should Do:

  • Cheer for your child when he or she does something well. “Nice pass” , “great shot”, “Good hustle”

  • Encourage them when it doesn’t quite go their way. “Good effort, don’t worry, keep playing hard” “You’ll get it the next time”

  • Cheer positively for the rest of the players on your team. “Nice pass, Jon.” “Great save, Emily” “Nice shot, Will”.

What you Should Not Do:

  • Yell “instructions” to your child. Remember, being the parent, they are more likely to hear your voice and follow your advice and that may conflict with specific instructions from the coach. Let the coaches do the coaching. If you ever want to get into coaching, please contact us. We are always open to talking with parents that are interested in volunteer coaching.

    • Examples of “instructions” to avoid

      • “Boot it” – we don’t want the kids to always just kick it hard down field with no purpose or thought of where it is going. Let’s encourage passing with a purpose.

      • “Get over there and get the ball”. At the younger ages, coaches discuss the importance of spreading out and not getting “bunched up”. We need to allow them to learn to play their positions and back up their teammates accordingly. If our players spread out and use proper spacing and angles, they can have success possessing the ball,  finding gaps in the defense of the other team and ultimately lead to success on the field.

      • Telling your player to “pass it next time” after he/she misses a close range shot. While we want our players to share the ball and play as a team, we also want to develop players that will have the confidence to try and beat a player 1 vs 1 and get a shot on goal.

      • Don’t discourage them when they try a new move, turn or type of pass. Encouraging players to try new skills during a game, gives them the opportunity to implement and practice the skills in a game situation.

      • “Push them back”. We want our kids to play aggressive. Inevitably, there will be contact in soccer. However, we don’t want the kids to misunderstand playing aggressive and physical with fouls like pushing, tripping or shirt pulling, which are all against the rules.

    • Most kids bounce back from a loss or a “bad game” much faster than the parents and coaches do. It is not recommended to immediately go over the game in the car on the way home. If your player wants to talk about, he or she will initiate it. A recent study of high level athletes said that dealing with parents’ criticism immediately following the game was one of the worst parts of youth sports. Coaches can address areas of improvement and learning moments from the game at the next practice.

    • Criticize the referees. If our players hear parents and spectators constantly criticizing the referees, then they will be more likely to show disrespect on the field. This can lead to heated exchanges, yellow cards and even red cards (suspension from that game and the next game). Please review the Alliance 4 All program and videos Referees make mistakes, it is part of the game and learning to deal with decisions that we do not agree with is a great life lesson. If there is a serious incident or concern about a game or a referee, please email the Director of Referees and the President of NSC.

NSC is always looking for individuals that wish to become a licensed youth soccer referee. Not only are you giving back to the game, you can earn some extra money and get some exercise.

Thanks for supporting your player, team and coach in a positive manner.

Mark Gavin
Director of Coaching
Norwalk Soccer Club

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Coerver Training Sessions for Fall Season

Norwalk Soccer Club offers additional skills training as an official Partner Club of Coerver Iowa. Coerver Skills training begins the week of August 24.

Coerver Skills Training Schedule

U8  Girls – Mondays 5:30pm-6:30pm (complimentary)
U8 Boys – Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm  (complimentary)
U10 age group – Tuesdays 5:30pm-6:30pm (complimentary)

U12 age group – Mondays 6:30pm-7:30pm
U14 and U19 age groups – Tuesdays  6:30pm-7:30pm

The fee for U12, U14 and U19 is $35 for 8 sessions for the Fall 2015 Season. You can pay online here.

If paying by check, please make check out to Norwalk Soccer Club.

Please pay by August 23, 2015.

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Fall Season Starting Soon

  • Games begin the weekend of September 12.
  • Your team coach will be in contact with you soon regarding practice schedules.
  • Most teams will begin practicing the week of August 24.
  • Coerver Skills Training will begin the week of August 24 as well.

We look forward to another great Fall season! More information coming soon!

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